Skeptics to host alternative climate meeting in Paris

The United Nations isn't the only group hosting a climate change conference in Paris next week.

An ensemble of scientists called the International Climate Science Coalition is holding its own event to challenge the climate "consensus."

The purpose of the meeting, scheduled for Dec. 1-3, is to assert to world that the climate change debate is not settled, even as many scientists today contend greenhouse gases emitted from the burning of manmade fossil fuels are driving climate change. On the conference website, a list of 10 questions are posed to the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change and its supporters, asking them to produce "observational evidence" on manmade climate change-related issues including sea level rise, glacier retreat and increased severity in hurricanes and other extreme weather events.

Tom Harris, the executive director of ICSC, said the questions were previously issued as a challenge in 2009 as the U.N. held a climate conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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