New fence jumper at White House stopped by Secret Service

A man was arrested for jumping the White House Fence on Thursday.

The unidentified person was possibly holding some sort of sign and dressed in white pants when he jumped the fence near the briefing room and West wing areas on a plot of land referred to as “Pebble Beach” at around 2:45 pm. Once he cleared the barricade he laid down in the grass, according to a Fox News producer.

The individual was quickly surrounded by Secret Service officers, whose guns were drawn.

The USSS quickly evacuated “Pebble Beach”, which is often used by TV news crews to broadcast live reports with the White House as a backdrop, and herded all personnel into the briefing room before locking the doors for safety. Reports say that President Obama and his family were at the White House at the time celebrating Thanksgiving.

This is not the first time someone has breached the outer perimeter of the White House. In recent years, incident similar to Thursday’s has become more of a regular occurrence.

As recently as last January, a small drone crashed on the South Lawn while a National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency employee was operating it from a nearby apartment. The White House was placed under lock down for two hours as a result.

2014 saw multiple breaching incidents including two months in a row when in September, Iraq War vet Omar Gonzalez scaled a fence on the Pennsylvania Avenue side of the White House with a knife in his pants. He was able to bum rush an officer at the entrance and made inside to the East Room before he was caught. The incident resulted in the resignation of Secret Service Director Julie Pierson.

Just one month later, Dominic Adsanya jumped the fence and got to the North Lawn before he was subdued by two security dogs and arrested by Secret Service.