The many guides to politicizing your Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, liberals and conservatives want you to know how to use their talking points on your relatives on the other side of the political divide.

Assuming that everyone talks politics over their Thanksgiving meal, this meme has become especially popular on the left as a way for young people to combat their older, presumably more conservative relatives. The Democratic National Committee, for example, sent out a "handy guide" for talking to your Republican uncle.

"It's that time of year — full of food and fun and celebrating with family and friends. But we here at the DNC know that occasionally all that togetherness can lead to some... let's call them 'lively' conversations about politics with that one Republican uncle (or aunt, or brother — you know who I'm talking about)," said the DNC email. "And as Democrats, it's up to each of us to go into those situations ready with the truth."

The DNC misspelled "uncle" as "unclw" in the initial sending of the email.

The liberal explainer website Vox also featured a list of talking points for family political arguments over the holidays.

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