IRS wastes taxpayer money trying to stop fraud

Internal Revenue Service officials are wasting millions of dollars by running multiple computer programs that do the same thing: stop the agency from losing money to fraud.

One of the programs has been outdated for years and should have already been retired. The other has been in a testing phase for more than two years, but the IRS has no plan to make the switch permanent, the agency's inspector general said in a report made public Wednesday.

Every year the two programs run simultaneously, the IRS wastes $18.2 million in taxpayer money, the watchdog found. The agency could also lose hundreds of millions more by relying primarily on the old system, which can't handle the growing demands imposed by the Affordable Care Act.

The IRS said its current fraud detection software is "no longer capable of keeping pace with the levels of fraud" and would be "too risky to maintain, upgrade or operate beyond 2015."

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