Poll: Most say U.S. gender values trump Shariah law

A majority of people in the United States believe Islam and Shariah law discriminate against women.

When asked if they think "Islam and Sharia law are inherently gender-biased against women," most said they agree, according to a poll released by O'Leary Report. Fifty-nine percent said they "strongly agree" with that statement, while 16 percent said they "somewhat disagree." Only 5 percent said they "strongly disagree."

The next question explored a hypothetical situation in which police are called to respond to a domestic abuse incident involving a married Muslim couple, where the husband has beaten his wife. Under Shariah law, it points out, husbands are allowed to forcibly discipline their wives.

Three quarters of those asked said the man should be arrested for assault, and 9 percent said they should arrest both the husband and wife for disorderly conduct. Just 5 percent said to respect the husband's right under Shariah law.

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