General: Obama ignored 'very, very clear' warnings about ISIS

President Obama Sunday ordered an intelligence review of military reports which may have soft-pedaled the rise of the Islamic State. At a news conference in Malaysia, Obama insisted on his "expectation, which is the highest fidelity to facts, data, the truth."

The former head of military intelligence fired back Monday. On Fox News' "The Kelly File," Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn insisted that the "accuracy and the warnings that have been provided on the rise of radical Islamists over the last few years," by the Defense Intelligence Agency, which he ran, "have been very, very clear."

Flynn said the ongoing investigations into whether Central Command, or Centcom, was leaning on its analysts to soften some of their assessments is largely beside the point.

"Intelligence doesn't stop at Central Command," Flynn insisted. "There are 16 intelligence agencies, five large ones and two that provide what we call all-source intelligence assessments. Those are the most important ones that go to the White House."

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