Conor McGregor doesn't 'give a f---' about Trump

UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor didn't mince words when asked how he felt about Donald Trump's unkind words toward Ronda Rousey after she lost her women's bantamweight title to Holly Holmes.

"It means nothing so, Donald can shut his big fat mouth," McGregor told TMZ. "I don't give a f--- about Donald Trump."

After Holmes knocked out Rousey, Trump tweeted his joy at watching her lose, which included an attack on her character. McGregor laughed off Trump's one-sided feud with Rousey, who endorsed Bernie Sanders for president earlier in November.

"It's easy for someone who's not in there to comment, but it's different when you're in there," he said. "The emotions are high."

He congratulated Holmes on her victory and predicted Rousey's career would be just fine after the loss.

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