Hillary Gets Bashed Over ‘Republican-Lite’ Tax Plan

The spokesman for Democratic presidential candidate BernieSanders attacked rival Hillary Clinton for proposing a tax planSunday that he argues is not much better than what aRepublican would offer.

“Given the disappearing middle class andmassive income and wealth inequality in America today, we clearly have togo a lot further than what Secretary Clinton proposes,”Bernie rep Michael Briggs press wrote in a Sunday pressrelease. “We need to raise Social Security benefits bylifting the cap on taxable income above $250,000.”

Throughout her campaign, Hillary has proposed tax cuts to helpaide certain groups of people. During a town hall, she added homehealthcare providers to the list of those who should get taxrelief.

In contrast, the Bernie plan wouldn’t just taxcorporations but also go after offshore tax havens. It would closeloopholes that allow Wall Street stockholders to avoidtaxes on assets they trade. He has yet to get into the specific of how exactly he plans to execute hisproposals. He argued the extra taxes could then be used to helpcreate jobs.

“We need to pass excellent legislation by leadingDemocrats in Congress to provide paid family and medical leave. Weneed to join the rest of the industrialized world in guaranteeinghealth care to all people as a right, not a privilege,â€Briggs continued. “It’s too late fortentative half-steps that sound Republican-lite.”

Home care providers are just the latest group Hillary has argueddeserved tax relief. Her previous proposals have included tax cuts for small businesses andmiddle class families. At the same time, she has advocated fortaxing large corporations and and wealthier Americans.

“We need to recognize the value of the work thatcaregivers give to all of us, both those who are paid and the greatnumber who are unpaid,” Hillary said during the town hall,according to The Associated Press. “The lost wages and the work that is sometimes givenup are costing families.”

She also plans to boost Social Security benefits to those takingtime out of work to care for immediate family. Both Hillary andBernie have been criticized for proposing expensive andunsustainable plans. The Republican National Committee claimed thelatest Hillary proposal would add $10 billion onto an already expensive taxplan. Additional the Bernie plan of taxing the rich to afford anaggressive expansion of government programs could lead to a severeloss of government revenue and slow economicgrowth.

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