Here's why your Thanksgiving turkey might be skinnier this year

The Thanksgiving turkeys available at supermarkets around the country will be a little skinnier this year on average, the result of highly pathogenic avian influenza that hit commercial turkey flocks back in March, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

USDA also said that while there should be plenty of turkeys for everyone, the disease means stores might put limits on how many birds each person can buy.

USDA wrote on Monday that the avian influenza hit turkeys in the upper midwest, and killed off more than 7.5 million commercial turkeys. The disease hit the heavier "tom turkeys" more than other kinds of birds, and tom turkeys yield more boneless meat.

"The disease had a disproportionate impact on tom flocks, leading to reduced availability of turkey meat and reduced deli meat promotions in store advertisements," USDA said.

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