Carson: 'I saw the film' of American Muslims cheer 9/11 attacks

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson backed up claims by Donald Trump Monday that Muslims in northern New Jersey were celebrating the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

During a press availability after an event in Nevada, Carson said that he "saw the film" of Muslims celebrating the attacks, pointing to "news reels" of said celebrations.

"Dr. Carson, were American Muslims in New Jersey cheering on 9/11 when the towers fell. Did you hear about that or see that?" ABC News' Katherine Faulders asked Carson, who sits third in the Washington Examiner's latest power rankings.

"Yes," Carson replied. "There are going to be people who respond inappropriately to virtually everything. I think that was an inappropriate response. I don't know if, on the basis of that, you can say that all Muslims are bad people. I really think that would be a stretch."

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