Bill Maher hits P.C. liberals seeking 'preening moral superiority'

HBO "Real Time" host Bill Maher is calling out his fellow liberals who are too quick to criticize anyone who says anything that might be offensive to minorities.

In a blog post on Saturday, the comedian wrote that liberals attempting to make sure all public speech is "politically correct" have become "paternalistic protectors of minority groups."

"You can make jokes about Republicans or conservative Catholics or Evangelicals all you like. They'll laugh at those. Oppressors," Maher said, referring to liberals in his audiences. "But if the butt of the joke is blacks, Muslims, women, or any of the other protected groups, whether or not the joke is racist, sexist, or bigoted, they're going to say it's racist, sexist, or bigoted. It makes them feel better about themselves. And that is the goal."

He said the end goal "for white liberals" is "a preening moral superiority that we can lord over Republicans."

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