Trump: Black Lives Matter Protester Allegedly Punched At Rally ‘Should Have Been Roughed Up’

Mercutio Southall Jr., a Black Lives Matter protester, wasallegedly punched at a Donald Trump rally in Alabama after hedisrupted the event by yelling “Black lives matter.”Reports also claim someone attempted to choke Southall as well.

When the ruckus broke out, the crowd immediately booed andshouted down Southall with chants of “All livesmatter.”

For his part, Trump can be heard saying from the stage,“Get him the hell out of here, will you, please?”

Appearing on Fox and Friends the morning after the dust up,Trump was unapologetic. The GOP frontrunner said Southall, “wasso obnoxious and so loud, he was screaming. I had 10,000 people inthe room yesterday, 10,000 people, and this guy started screamingby himself and they — I don’tknow, rough up, he should have been — maybe heshould have been roughed up because it was absolutely disgustingwhat he was doing.”