D.C. on (quiet) edge

When Islamist jihadists bring carnage to Washington, D.C., the city will be traumatized, but not entirely shocked.

Turns out many, many long-time residents are expecting it. When a Paris-style slaughter hits a Metro station or one of the city's bright, bubbly-with-youth-and-ambition corridors of fun, or even the Capitol or the Smithsonian, the residents of the new Rome who are not dead or wounded, or the friends of those who are, will tell tales of how they had prepared for this event but still cannot believe the searing impact of the horrific scenes.

I came to Washington on Friday for the panel on CNN's Sunday "State of the Union" hosted by Jake Tapper and will return in a week after Thanksgiving dinner in California for the panel on "Meet the Press" hosted by Chuck Todd. Having been thrust by the GOP presidential cycle into the chair of uncommitted, credentialed conservative pundit with a national platform and unlikely to embarrass the producers, the invitations to hold forth on various Sunday shows have been a welcome side effect of the conservative chaos.

Not being for anyone or against anyone in the GOP race means you can ask them all questions and then relay word of the reactions on the right to the Manhattan-Beltway media elites. It is a role with some significance and it is fun, and it gets me back often to the city I love.

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