Backfire: Hillary Tweets All Sexual Abuse Accusers Deserve To Be ‘Believed,’ Is Reminded Of Her Husband

On the night CNN aired a controversial and, as many legal critics call it, flaweddocumentary on sexual assault on college campuses, Democratic Partyfrontrunner Hillary Clinton tweeted solidarity withvictims of sexual assault. The response could not have been whatshe was hoping for.

The link in her tweet went to a campaign webpage on sexualassault on campus that starts with a quote from a speech Hillarygave in September: “I want to send a message to everysurvivor of sexual assault: Don’t let anyonesilence your voice. You have the right to be heard. You have theright to be believed, and we’re withyou.”

Clinton’s original tweet…

…was immediately greeted with a crush of reminders ofallegations against her husband, former President Bill Clinton, forsexual assault and even rape.

There were hundreds and hundreds of similar responses fromTwitter users.