Trump Says We Need ‘Some Governmental Program’ To Help Make College Affordable

Speaking during a town hall meeting in Iowa Thursday, Republicanfront-runner Donald Trump told the crowd the way to make collegeaffordable for students is “to start some governmental program.”

“Well the only way you can do it is you have to start somegovernmental program and you have governmental programs rightnow,” Trump told the crowd.

“They go, and they work, and they take loans, andthey’re borrowed up, and they can’t breathe, and theyget through college and the worst thing is, they go through thatwhole process and they don’t have any jobs,” Trumpcontinued.

“You know the one program that the U.S. makes a whole lotof money with is student loans,” Trump added, “andthat’s maybe the one program they shouldn’t be makingmoney with. So we’re going to have to start aprogram. We’re going to do something very big with loansbecause you have to get these people going. They really feel downand out.”

Asked for specifics, Trump went on to say, “we’regoing to do refinancing for people who have loans who literallycan’t do anything.”

In 2013 alone the federal government made a profit of $41.3 billion on student loans.

The federal government took control of the studentloan industry in 2010.