Official: Islamic State making 'stupid' mistakes under coalition pressure

President Obama's top envoy on the global coalition against the Islamic State insisted Friday that the coalition has stepped up its efforts to fight the terrorist group, and that the group has begun to make mistakes in the face of this pressure.

"We have seen that as we continue to put pressure on ISIL, they make mistakes, they do stupid things," Brett McGurk, special presidential envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL, said at a State Department briefing.

"And we're are going to really do all we can to intensify this pressure in the coming weeks," he added, without specifying what mistakes the Islamic State has made.

The Obama administration has been criticized all week for refusing to consider ground troops or other methods to step up its attacks against the Islamic State, especially after last week's coordinated attacks against Paris. But McGurk said the Paris attack has helped ramp up the coordination needed to "strangle" the terrorist group.

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