'The Hunting Ground' director claims film is 'completely accurate,' despite inaccuracies

The backlash against the inaccuracies in "The Hunting Ground" has apparently gotten to director Kirby Dick. On Wednesday, he defended the film to The Hollywood Reporter, which was reporting on the criticism.

Then on Thursday, Dick wrote his own op-ed for the Reporter to defend the film, which airs Sunday on CNN. In it, Dick tries to dispute the claim that "The Hunting Ground" followed the same journalistic practices (or lack thereof) as Rolling Stone when it reported a gang-rape hoax at the University of Virginia.

Dick claims that "not a single case that we featured in the film has been discredited as being untrue." I'm not sure there is such a thing anymore as discrediting a case. There are people to this day who claim that something must have happened to the Rolling Stone hoaxer, Jackie, to make her tell such a tale.

I would agree that the stories haven't been discredited as thoroughly as the Rolling Stone hoax, but they also haven't been proven true. And the stories told by some of the accusers in the story don't line up with the evidence and facts of the cases.

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