Watch: John Mulaney compares Trump to 'Family Feud' contestant

Comedian John Mulaney has a compelling theory on how Donald Trump has maintained his success in the presidential race.

"What's weird to me is that the success kind of continues for him," Mulaney told Seth Meyers on his talk show Wednesday night. "But I realized something as to what might be causing that."

The former "Saturday Night Live" writer compared the entire Republican presidential field to a round of "Family Feud," a game show that requires contestants to name the answers to survey questions. He said he watches back-to-back "Family Feud" episodes every day, and he noticed a psychological effect that can be applied to how the candidates' performances have been perceived in the four GOP debates.

"You actually start to feel smart," Mulaney said of his excessive "Family Feud" viewing. "Because you feel smarter than the people on 'Family Feud.' But once your bar for intelligence becomes the people on 'Family Feud,' two things happen. One: You become very, very dumb. Secondly, you start to think the people who are good on 'Family Feud' are smart."

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