Rubio scores Mia Love endorsement

Marco Rubio scored yet another high-profile congressional endorsement of his presidential campaign Thursday as Rep. Mia Love, R-Utah, lent her support.

Appearing on Fox News, Love told "Happening Now" host Jenna Lee that Rubio's dealing with foreign policy and his ability to "inspire" others won her over, while also noting a few events Rubio did in her home state of Utah.

"I am going to be endorsing Sen. Marco Rubio," Love told Lee. "When he came to Utah, I saw him inspire people. He had a roundtable with some of our business leaders. But he had a rally, and he talked about his family, and he talked about his love for this country. And I realized my story is very similar to his."

"He has a positive agenda moving forward, and for the first time in a long time I felt someone who really loves this country and doesn't take advantage of, take for granted the benefits that this country has, and also willing to put himself up and take on the responsibilities of being a citizen in this country," Love explained.

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