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Judge Napolitano: 'Law is on the president's side...politics are not'

Judge Napolitano says the 'Law is on the President's side, Politics are not'


Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Napolitano said Thursday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that the “law is on the President's side, but the politics are not” after the House resoundingly approved veto-proof legislation that requires new requirements for screening refugees from Syria and Iraq.

"The law is on the President's side, but the politics are not," said Napolitano. “The law is based on a 2005 statute, when Republicans controlled the Congress and the White House that authorizes the president to admit for humanitarian reasons, or political asylum purposes, whatever number he wants.

But Napolitano added that the politics “is decidedly against the president.”

"I just don't see how the president can do this, even if the Senate fails to pass the legislation that the House passed. He has absolutely no public opinion behind him, and he and Mrs. Clinton will suffer terrifically for it."