Uh Oh: Poll Shows Hillary Getting KILLED In State Obama Won Twice

Watch out, Hillary: A new poll suggests the Democratic frontrunner is way behind top Republicans in Colorado, a state BarackObama carried twice in his own presidential runs. In fact, Clintonmay even be losing to Donald Trump by double digits.

The new poll, prepared by QuinnipiacUniversity, tested potential Democratic candidates Hillary Clintonand Bernie Sanders in potential match-ups against Donald Trump, BenCarson, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio. In every single hypotheticalmatch-up, the Republican came out ahead. Often, it wasn’teven close.

Rubio is favored over Clinton 52 percent to 36 percent, astaggering 16 percentage point lead. Carson leads her 52-38, Cruz51-38, and Trump 48-37. Sanders fares a little better, losing toRubio and Carson by 13 and 12 points, respectively, but onlytrailing Trump by 2 points and Cruz by 7.

The poll also gauged likely primary voters about the nominationraces within each party. Among Democrats, Clinton leads Sanders 55percent to 27 percent, with Martin O’Malley a distant thirdwith 2 percent support. Among Republicans, Carson finished on topwith 25 percent support, followed by Rubio at 19 percent, Trump at17 percent, and Cruz at 14 percent.

The new poll should be deeply worrisome toClinton’s campaign. Obama easily carried Coloradoby over 5 percent in his 2012 win over Mitt Romney, and the stateis a critical one for Clinton to hang onto if she wants to win in2016. Furthermore, Quinnipiac is a mainstream, respected pollsters,not a minor unreliable outfit. The poll could still be astatistical outlier, but the Republican lead is so immense thatcandidates like Rubio would still lead after a big shift inClinton’s favor.

Still, it’s worth noting that Quinnipiac has been quitefavorable towards Republicans in polls this cycle. A recentnational poll, for instance, showed even weaker Republicans like Chris Christie with asignificant lead over Clinton, while other pollsters havefailed to produce such pro-Republican outcomes.

The survey’s sample size consists of 1,262 Colorado votersand the poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.8 percentagepoints. The survey was conducted Nov. 11-15.

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