'The Hunting Ground' filmmakers defend movie, insult critics


The filmmakers of "The Hunting Ground" have been called out for inaccuracies, distortions and false statistics, and for disregarding journalistic integrity in order to push propaganda.

Their response? To call their critics "misogynistic" and accuse them of victim-blaming.

Filmmakers Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering mischaracterized what 19 Harvard Law professors wrote when they criticized the film. The filmmakers claimed that the professor's reference to the Harvard accuser's inebriated state was "classic victim blaming and is exactly the kind of misogynistic, punitive and shaming attitude that helps perpetuate sexual assault on college campuses."

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Just as they did throughout the film, Dick and Ziering are distorting the situation. The Harvard professors only brought up the "inebriated" state of the accuser in this case because the filmmakers made it seem as if she was drugged by the accused student so that he could attack her.

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