How Ted Cruz would win

The 2016 GOP primary has confounded political analysts who have tried to understand why governor after governor has failed to connect with voters and quit the presidential race.

But Texas Sen. Ted Cruz thinks he knows exactly what has happened, and broke down the horse race exclusively for the Washington Examiner's Your Choice, Your Voice Teleforum.

Cruz detailed his path to victory and who he expects will be his main opposition.

"Historically in the Republican primary, there have been two major lanes: there's been a moderate establishment lane and there's been a conservative lane," Cruz said. "And in past elections, typically, the moderate lane there is a consensus moderate choice early on and all of the money gets behind that candidate. But on the conservative side, typically there are a whole bunch of us, nobody has any money, and we fight like cats and dogs. And that's how in primaries in past cycles, the moderate has gone on to win the nomination and then they lose the general election because millions of conservatives stay home and don't vote."

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