McConnell keeps Planned Parenthood defunding alive


Abortion opponents are heaving a sigh of relief that an Obamacare repeal bill will keep a provision defunding Planned Parenthood, but the legislation's future remains uncertain as Republicans try to muster enough votes for it.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday the bill will remain as is and will get a vote following next week's Thanksgiving recess, after some Republican senators had suggested the measure might be stripped of the Planned Parenthood language to win enough votes for passage.

"We are confident that the Obamacare repeal bill will include a defund Planned Parenthood [provision] and we'll be moving to that legislation after Thanksgiving," the Kentucky Republican said.

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The bill, which requires just 51 votes under special budget reconciliation rules, defunds parts of President Obama's healthcare law and would block about 90 percent of federal funds to Planned Parenthood. Both are major GOP goals, as Republicans seek to keep their opposition to Obamacare and to the women's health and abortion provider in the forefront before a presidential election year.

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