Krauthammer blasts Kerry's 'appalling' comments on Paris


Secretary of State John Kerry's attempt explain two major terrorist events in Paris this year did not go over well with conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer.

Kerry said Tuesday that the Islamic terrorists who killed 12 people in January at the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo at least had a reason for what they did, while the attackers who killed 129 civilians in Paris last week appeared to have murdered at random.

Krauthammer and National Journal reporter Ron Fournier were not at all impressed by Kerry's comments.

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"If a gaffe is when a politician speaks the truth, what's really on his mind, when Kerry said legitimacy, it told us a lot about him and the president," Krauthammer said Tuesday on Fox News. "A president who said at the U.N. the future does not belong to those who insult the prophet, they think deep down, that the murder of cartoonist has kind of legitimacy because it transgressed religious sensibility. That's appalling coming out of the secretary of state and by consensus, this administration."

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