Emails reveal 'The Hunting Ground's lack of journalistic integrity


A producer for "The Hunting Ground," a film about campus sexual assault, admitted in an email that the film was less documentary than propaganda.

Amy Herdy, who helped interview cast members, sought in a Dec. 21, 2013 email to speak to Erica Kinsman, who had accused former Florida State University quarterback Jameis Winston of rape. In Herdy's email to Kinsman's then-lawyer, Patricia Carroll, the film's investigator assured her subject that the film was not about the truth, but about advocacy.

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"We do not operate the same way as journalists — this is a film project that is very much in the corner of advocacy for victims, so there would be no insensitive questions or the need to get the perpetrator's side," Herdy wrote.

Months later, in a follow-up email sent on Feb. 12, 2014, Herdy informed Carroll that the filmmakers planned to reach out to Winston but were sure he wouldn't respond. She wrote that she wanted him "to have a gap of a couple of weeks to get complacent because then we will ambush him." She also asked if Carroll and Kinsman were "okay with us sending [Winston] the official request this week."

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