This Democrat-turned-Republican has new pick for president

Ashley Bell, a rising young Democrat who spoke at the party's 2008 national convention, made headlines in 2010 when he announced his switch to the Republican party. Now, the prominent black Republican is switching teams once again.

Bell is shifting his presidential endorsement of Rand Paul to the Kentucky senator's colleague, Marco Rubio. Both Rubio and Paul are vying for the Republican nomination, but Rubio has seen a surge in support in recent weeks.

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"Rand is a good man and he's right on the issues ... but in my personal opinion I think right now the party needs to unify behind someone who's not divisive, someone who can speak to the largest segment of the American people," Bell told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution during a recent interview.

"I want to support a campaign that can do both – continue to talk about their core values and things they fundamentally stand for, but also be able to raise a campaign that's national and be able to credibly take the message to Republican voters who are voting in this primary," he said.

Bell added, "I think Rubio has a better ability to do that."

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