Press apologizes to Jindal for tweet on Syria policy

A New Orleans-based news group apologized Monday for its partisan response to Gov. Bobby Jindal's executive order preventing Syrian refugees from resettling in Louisiana.

The Pelican State's constitution says that, "during times of emergency ... the governor has emergency powers to protect the citizens and property of the state of Louisiana," Jindal noted in letter Monday. He said he would use those powers to stop Syrian nationals from entering the state, over fears that the Islamic State might try to enter the U.S. by having its members pose as refugees.

The social media feed for NOLA.com, which carries content provided by the Times-Picayune, re-tweeted a report detailing the governor's announcement, and it added two simple words of political commentary: "No words."

The NOLA.com Twitter account later deleted the offending tweet, and offered an apology for its partisan commentary.

"An earlier tweet about Bobby Jindal's executive order on Syrian refugees did not meet our standards for impartiality. The tweet was removed," the account said Monday afternoon.

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