'It enrages me': Fiorina rails against Obama ISIS response

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina let loose on President Obama Monday over his comments at the G20 Summit in which he said he isn't "interested" in "pursuing some notion of American leadership."

In an interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt, Fiorina said the president's comment "enrages me," while going on to contrast Obama's reaction to what French President Francois Hollande said in the immediate aftermath of the attack on Paris Friday night.

"It enrages me. I have been angry since all of this started," Fiorina told Hewitt. "It enrages me."

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"Let me just contrast it: What did President Hollande say? What he said was we will wage a war that is 'pitiless.' That is the appropriate response," Fiorina opined. "That doesn't necessarily mean 10,000 boots on the ground, but it means acknowledging that ISIS is at war with us and, therefore, we must be at war with them. It requires us to name the enemy — Islamic terrorism."

"It requires us to acknowledge the reality [that] they are not contained," Fiorina continued. "That Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton's declaration of victory in Iraq in 2011, and their precipitous withdrawal against all advice from every general and for political expediency, and nothing more, has given ISIS vast swaths of territory, weaponry, and they are building their caliphate, and building ... an ability to strike in Europe and in the U.S."

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