EPA wraps up climate plan road show


The Environmental Protection Agency brings its climate-rule road show to Washington this week, seeking to hear from states and others on the controversial plan it would impose if states don't comply with its rules cutting carbon emissions from power plants.

EPA hits the nation's capital Wednesday for a two-day round of meetings to hear from groups for and against the emission rules, after finishing marathon sessions in Pittsburgh and Denver. The EPA then will travel to Atlanta for a session that lasts through Friday afternoon.

The meetings are meant to let EPA officials hear from the public on carbon emission rules that undergird the Clean Power Plan, the linchpin in President Obama's climate change agenda. The plan would cut man-made greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels that many scientists blame for global warming.

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The Clean Power Plan requires states to lower emissions a third by 2030, and states have to begin filing compliance plans in less than a year. The federal plan acts as a backstop for states that do not submit their own plans. Many Republicans and industry groups say it is a proxy for establishing a federal cap-and-trade system.

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