Bush: Boots on the ground, work with Putin to defeat ISIS

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush said that he would encourage U.S. military boots on the ground in the fight against the Islamic State, and could see America "possibly" working with Russia in efforts to stop the extremist terrorist organization.

"I would recognize the threat for what it is, Islamic terrorism, and create a strategy to defeat it not contain it," Bush said Monday morning on MSNBC's "Morning Joe." "We cannot do this by leading from behind, this requires American leadership, it doesn't require us to be the worlds policemen. But it requires us to lead and were not doing that right now."

When asked if he would be willing to send ground troops to fight the terrorist group, Bush replied, "absolutely we are."

The former Florida governor added that he would have a clearly defined strategy, accomplish the mission then immediately pull out troops. Bush also added that if necessary he would consider "possibly" working with Vladimir Putin and forces in Russia in order to eradicate the Islamic State.

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