Hillary defends Obama on ISIS, hints she'd do better

When asked if the Obama administration underestimated the scale of the Islamic State, Hillary Clinton said during Saturday's Democratic debate that the fight wasn't just the president's responsibility.

Clinton also positioned herself as the toughest candidate when it comes to fighting the Islamic State.

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The Democratic front-runner said that she believed the Islamic State to be the "leading threat of an international terror network," and that "it cannot be contained, it must be defeated." Yet she also said that she didn't think America should become too involved in that fight, and that military defense should be "used as a last resort." Rather, the United States should focus their efforts on diplomacy, development aid, law enforcement and sharing of our intelligence in order to "bring people together."

She said, "It cannot be an American fight, and I think what the president has repeatedly said, that I agree with is that we will support those who take the fight to ISIS that is why we have troops in Iraq … so that we can be supportive because this is not an American fight although American leadership is essential."

Just before Clinton defended President Obama, she told the audience that as a former secretary of state she was do a better job fighting the Islamic State than the current administration.

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