Hillary Clinton dodges question on integrity by noting how many women donors she has

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton dodged a question about her integrity and her Wall Street donations (an issue raised by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders) with a simple diversion that brought out a huge applause line. In the course of explaining her donations, she noted with pride that the majority of her donors are women.

It's true that at least 52 percent of Clinton's donors are women (her campaign claims 60 percent). Even so, that's not an answer to the question she was asked, nor is it even an insight into how popular she is with women.

Although a majority of her donors are women, Clinton has not polled substantially better with women than other Democratic candidates. Between May and September, Clinton's support among women dropped 29 points. It's not just that she has been drawing only 42 percent of the female vote in Democratic primary polls, but also that — before he opted not to run — Vice President Joe Biden was actually doing as well or better than Clinton with women voters in matchups against Republicans.

Clinton was trying to redirect criticism from Bernie Sanders of her disproportionate amount of Wall Street donations.

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