WSJ revels in Trump attacks


Hours after Republican front-runner Donald Trump excoriated the Wall Street Journal for criticizing his recent remarks on trade, the paper's editorial board hit back, laughing off the real estate mogul's attacks as "exhilarating."

"Being attacked by Donald Trump is one of journalism's more exhilarating experiences," the board wrote this week. "We got the treatment on Thursday when he took to various TV shows and Twitter with his usual soft sell and demanded corrections, apologies and resignations after our editorial reference to his trade policy. We haven't had this much fun since Eliot Spitzer left office."

Spitzer, the former governor of New York, was forced to resign after the press learned about his many dalliances with prostitutes.

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Following the fourth televised GOP debate Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal accused Trump of being the Republican Party's "most protectionist nominee since Hoover." The newspaper also suggested that Trump doesn't know what's included in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade agreement among 12 Pacific Rim countries that the United States recently signed onto this summer.

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