Paul: Rubio plans for U.S. 'dangerous'

Sen. Rand Paul kept up his attacks on Sen. Marco Rubio Friday, calling the Florida candidate's plans on the world stage not "conservative," but rather "dangerous."

In an email to supporters soliciting donations, which featured the subject line, "This is dangerous," Paul blasted Rubio for being an interventionist.

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"Marco Rubio's plans for America are not conservative," Paul began. "They're dangerous."

"Interventionists like Rubio have never met a war they didn't want to be involved with," Paul wrote. "He wants to spend money, commit troops, and has little concern with the very real consequences of doing it."

"We have to speak up against the harmful policies the Rubios of the party have supported. A $1 trillion increase in spending in the Middle East? Policies like this have actually made us LESS safe," Paul said. "Just look at Syria, Libya and Iraq. Under plans like this, we spend more money, go farther into debt, and end up in a worse spot than we started."

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