Florida GOP vice chair: Rubio 'f---ing hates me'

strong>ORLANDO, Fla. — Donald Trump's Florida campaign chairman, Joe Gruters, was voted in as vice chair of the Republican Party of Florida in January 2015, and the GOP activist has made some notable enemies in the months since.

The campaign veteran, who also chairs the Sarasota County GOP, sat down with the Washington Examiner Thursday evening at RPOF's Statesman Dinner where former Vice President Dick Cheney and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio both delivered remarks.

At one point during the interview, seconds after Rubio had passed by and said hello, Gruters turned to the Examiner.

"He f---ing hates me. He hates me," Gruters said.

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As his eyes followed Rubio, his wife and a half-dozen staffers and security officers down the hallway, Gruters noted "that's a big entourage."

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