'They're wrong': Rubio pans WSJ over tax plan critique

Sen. Marco Rubio said Thursday that the Wall Street Journal was "wrong" to call his tax plan an "expensive political pander" because it includes a child tax credit that could give a tax credit to families that don't pay taxes.

"They're wrong about that," Rubio said. "They've been consistently wrong about that because you can't just take one piece of a tax plan on its own in a vacuum. You've got to look at the whole tax plan."

"And if you look at what my tax plan does on the business side, which is where you get the growth ... it eliminates the double taxation on investment. It allows businesses to immediately and fully expense everything they invest in their business," he said. "It lowers all business taxes, not just the corporate tax for big companies, but including small companies."

Rubio added that it lowers all taxes on all business to no more than 25 percent, and that his plan moves to a territorial system to help bring business back to the U.S.

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The Journal made the remarks about the plan after Sen. Rand Paul went after Rubio for the tax credit, calling it "not conservative."

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