No, feminists, college campuses are not like ISIS


File this under "headlines I can't believe I had to write."

Ms. Magazine, a feminist media outlet, posted an article (archived here so you don't have to give them traffic) by Global Rights for Women attorney Amy Lauricella on Tuesday titled "Institutionalized Rape; It's Not just an ISIS Problem." The article claimed that, just as the Islamic State endorses rape, "college administrations similarly facilitate and perpetuate the rape of women on campuses."

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Lauricella's evidence for the claim that college campuses are just like the Islamic State is a deeply flawed survey of students who responded affirmatively to situations the surveyors decided were rape, even though the vast majority of those students didn't believe they had been raped. She uses the study to claim that as many as 1 in 4 college women have been sexually assaulted but doesn't acknowledge that what the study deems as sexual assault is everything from a stolen kiss to forcible rape.

Lauricella claims the study shows that "a significant percentage" of students who said the reason they didn't report was that they felt "…embarrassed, ashamed or that it would be too emotionally difficult" or that they "…did not think anything would be done about it." About one-third of participants gave that as the reason they didn't report. But the vast majority of participants said they didn't report because they didn't think the situation was serious enough (these studies never ask directly whether the student didn't report because they didn't think they were assaulted; that would diminish the scary findings).

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