Ben Carson: Feds should 'incentivize' states to give school vouchers

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson wants the federal government to have a bigger role in expanding school choice. In a Tuesday interview, Carson said he wants the federal government to incentivize states to create their own school voucher programs.

"If you could do one thing that would improve schools, especially for low-income families, what would it be?" The 74's Campbell Brown asked Carson.

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"Provide vouchers, so that they would have choice in terms of the schools that they go to. Because we know that the very best education is homeschool, the next is private schools, the next is charter schools, the next is public schools. If we want to change that dynamic we've got to offer some real competition to the public schools."

Brown later asked Carson what he would do on education as president. "We can do everything we can to facilitate school choice, a voucher system. Incentivize the states to enact voucher systems."

Carson clarified that he would incentivize states with money. "That's generally the way that the federal government influences states." He also clarified that he would do this with existing federal education funding, rather than by increasing funding.

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