HuffPost: Carson creating his life story, supporters 'live in separate reality'

The global editorial director of Huffington Post Media Group has charged that Republican presidential primary front-runner Ben Carson is creating the story of his life and selling it to a world of supporters who "live in a separate reality from ones that other people do."

At a Brookings Institution conference to discuss the media's influence on the election, Howard Fineman said that Carson is an example of people and candidates who create their own facts and narratives.

His comments go further than any of the other media reports and accusations that Carson is shading his past.

What's more, Fineman said that Carson doesn't believe anybody is allowed to question his life facts and that he doesn't care if his stories are questioned by the mainstream media.

Video from the Brookings conference.

"It turns out that everybody did not create an avatar of themselves. Remember when avatars are going to be the next big thing? That hasn't quite happened. Actually people have short-circuited that. Rather than create a cartoon version of themselves online, they've created themselves online. And Ben Carson is an example of that," said the longtime Washington reporter.

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