Trump: 'You should let Jeb speak!'

Donald Trump has long been the chief adversary of Jeb Bush. But in Tuesday's debate, Trump pined for Bush to get a word in edgewise as the Florida governor struggled to do so.

During a squabble between Trump and Ohio Gov. John Kasich on immigration and the need to deport illegal immigrants, the real estate mogul told The Wall Street Journal's Gerard Baker "you should let Jeb speak" as the debate moderator tried to ask him a question as Kasich continued to interrupt. Kasich called Trump's deportation push a "silly plan."

"Thank you Donald for letting me speak at the debate, that's very nice of you," Bush wryly said. "I really appreciate that. What a generous man you are."

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Bush went on to pan Trump's plan for deportation and repeat his calls for illegal immigrants to achieve a "legal status" in the country after they pay fines and learn English, adding that the Trump plan is "not possible" in nature. The former Florida governor told Trump that Hillary Clinton's campaign is "doing high fives" when they hear that kind of rhetoric.

Earlier in the debate, Bush had an issue getting a word in edgewise as host Maria Bartiromo tried to ask him a question, only to be interrupted by Kasich, who wanted to chime in about the need for a value-added tax.

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