Trump has plans for China

Donald Trump has unveiled specifics on how he would stabilize U.S. economic relations with China while prioritizing the protection of American businesses and workers as president.

"When Donald J. Trump is president, China will be on notice that America is back in the global leadership business and that their days of currency manipulation and cheating are over," states a policy paper posted Tuesday on the Republican hopeful's campaign website.

Trump, who devotes a significant portion of nearly every stump speech to addressing China's currency manipulation, claims former President Bill Clinton's "bold promise" that China's inclusion in the World Trade Organization would bring prosperity to the U.S. has fallen flat, and that President Obama has done nothing to reverse the ill effects.

"It was not a good deal for America then and it's a bad deal now. It is a typical example of how politicians in Washington have failed our country," Trump states in his latest position paper.

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"We have been too afraid to protect and advance American interests and to challenge China to live up to its obligations. We need smart negotiators who will serve the interests of American workers – not Wall Street insiders that want to move U.S. manufacturing and investment offshore," he adds.

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