Christie pledges to 'fire a whole bunch of IRS agents'


Chris Christie said Tuesday night that his goal is to simplify the tax code to the point where the government is free to fire as many IRS agents as possible.

"[L]et me be clear about what were going to do… make the tax code fair, flatter and simpler, getting rid of all the special interest deductions," Christie said in his opening comments in the Fox Business/Wall Street Journal debate. "You know why the American people feel like the tax code is rigged for the rich. You know why they feel that way? Because it is."

"We'll get rid of all those special interest deductions except for the home interest deduction and the charitable contribution deduction, everyone will get lower rates, keep more of their own money," he added. "Be able to file their own tax returns in fifteen minutes and by the way, the good thing, I'll be able to fire a whole bunch of IRS agents once we do that."

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