Angry Mizzou prof may lose journalism school ties

A professor at the University of Missouri, which is currently engulfed in student-led protests over racism on campus, may lose her appointment with the school's journalism department after she was caught on tape apparently trying to block a student reporter from covering the protests.

David Kurpius, dean of the Missouri's journalism department, said Tuesday in a statement that the professor in the video, who has been identified as Melissa Click, "is not a faculty member in the Missouri School of Journalism."

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Kurpius said Click is with the communications department, which is separate from the School of Journalism. "In that capacity she holds a courtesy appointment with the School of Journalism," he said.

But in light of her effort to block the student press, Kurpius said, "Journalism school faculty members are taking immediate action to review that appointment."

In the video, a young man who calls himself a student at the school is seen attempting to photograph an area on campus where some of the protests are taking place. Several demonstrators lock arms and attempt to block the student, identified as Tim Tai, from taking pictures.

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