Teens hack FBI leader's personal email

The deputy director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is the latest national security official who appears to have had a personal account hacked by teenagers.

The group of teenagers, who call themselves "Crackas With Attitude," told Vice Motherboard on Wednesday that they made their way into an account belonging to FBI Deputy Director Mark Giuliano. The group first made news in October for hacking into a personal AOL account belonging to Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan, and a Comcast account belonging to Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson.

One of the group's members said they obtained Giuliano's personal cell phone number. "I called it and asked for Mark and he's like 'I don't know you but you better watch your back' and then he hung up and I kept calling and he was getting mad then he didn't pick up," the perpetrator told Motherboard.

Exactly what account the group hacked was unclear. Motherboard reported that it was a Comcast account that belonged to Giuliano's wife. On Thursday, however, one of the group's members suggested that report was mistaken, saying on Twitter, "Why are media saying we jacked aol and a comcast account? Comcast and AOL was [sic] nothing to do with this."

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However, the group did appear to access some sensitive information. Another message on Twitter said they had obtained "34,000 lines of emails, names, position and phone numbers of gov associates, including military," and added, "Just to clear this up, CWA did, indeed, have access to everybody in USA's private information, now imagine if we was Russia or China."

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