Marco Rubio isn't sure if he still hates Darth Vader

strong>MANCHESTER, N.H. — Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., says he isn't sure if he still hates Darth Vader, the infamous villian in the "Star Wars" franchise of movies.

"I used to hate Darth Vader, but now I kind of feel a little bit sorry for him knowing what he went through to get to that point," Rubio said when asked a question related to upcoming Star Wars movie during a campaign stop at Saint Anselm College. "And he's probably the most fascinating character in the whole movie, because he started out as this individual with a lot of talent and promise, then something went wrong, something went really bad, he went dark, he went nasty."

Before commenting on Vader, Rubio made an erroneous statement about the franchise that is sure to make fans cringe.

"I think I had the Death Star," referring to the toy version of the war machine built by the Empire, "but it kept breaking, just like it did in part two — 'Empire Strikes Back,' where it blew up because the guy got that rocket to go into that hole. Remember that?"

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