Female student pens scathing review of 'rape culture' for college course

A pre-med student attending college in California has penned a scathing review of the current climate surrounding sexual assault on college campuses.

The student, who wishes to remain anonymous, wrote her essay in response to a public-health class assignment asking students to watch a video in which Emma Sulkowicz, the former Columbia University student who carried a mattress around protesting what she claimed was rape, discusses her mattress project. Students were asked a series of questions pertaining to the video, including "What do you think of her approach in responding to her case of rape?" (notice the absence of "alleged") and "Look into her story and see how her alleged rapist responded. How do you think the university handled this delicate situation?"

The student responded by condemning Sulkowicz's behavior as "a parody of all the worst parts of radical or 'Tumblr' feminists" and said she was "ashamed to even belong to the same species as her." The student was outraged by Sulkowicz's accusation, especially after having followed the accused student's side closely.

"Not only was Emma's false accusation abhorrent and did she inflict physical and emotional trauma on Paul [the man Sulkowicz accused], but her response to the widespread media attention is the most immature and attention-seeking action she could've possibly taken," the student wrote.

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