Club for Growth: Trump let government 'do his dirty work'

strong>CONCORD, N.H. — Club for Growth on Wednesday hit back at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who earlier in the day defended his use of government to seize private property and then attacked the free market activist group.

"Trump hates talking about his own eminent domain abuse," the group's communications director, Doug Sachtleben, wrote in an email to the Washington Examiner. "He wanted a widow's house and two commercial establishments in Atlantic City for a limousine parking lot for his casino, and he wanted the property of five businesses in Bridgeport, CT, to build an amusement park. In both instances Trump didn't want to pay the real value of the property. Instead he wanted local agencies to abuse eminent domain and get him the properties as cheaply as possible. Instead of negotiating with private property owners for a fair price, Trump wanted the heavy hand of government to do his dirty work for him."

In response to a question from the Examiner in a press conference outside the state house, Trump argued that it was "necessary" for government to use eminent domain laws to seize private property, not only to build roads, but also for business development.

Trump used eminent domain laws aggressively to expand his casino empire in Atlantic City, a fact that has drawn criticism from conservatives including at the Club for Growth, which has run ads against Trump.

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