Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson took to Facebook late Wednesday night to address voters' lingering concerns that he doesn't have the experience to serve as president.

"You are absolutely right -- I have no political experience," Carson told his readers. "The current Members of Congress have a combined 8,700 years of political experience. Are we sure political experience is what we need[?]"

In an essay that appeared both heartfelt and free of the polish usually provided by political consultants, Carson wrote that the nation was founded by citizen statesmen who found a way to serve their new country. Carson argued that he, too, found a way to serve in his career as a surgeon.

"I spent my life treating very ill children," Carson wrote. "Over 15,000 times I gave my all to prolong their lives. I was blessed to do it…While I admire the Bush family's dedication to service, I too served -- nights, weekends, holidays, birthdays and anniversaries with severely injured patients were my public service."