Report: Georgia has highest deportation rates among non-border states

Georgia had the highest deportation rate among all non-border states in fiscal year 2013, according to a new report.

Federal agents returned 386,485 individuals illegally residing in the U.S., 7,120 of whom were deported from the Peach State, which put it at the top of the list after Texas, Arizona and California. More than 500 of those deported from Georgia had serious felony convictions and had been previously deported, according to a Freedom of Information Act request by WSB-TV in Atlanta.

"To the families who've been victimized ... by these folks who shouldn't be in the country to begin with, this is not a political game," Rep. Doug Collins, R-Ga., told WSB.

Criminal illegal immigrants have been able to circumvent federal laws that would require them to be turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement for removal services as a result of state-enacted anti-detainer laws and sanctuary city policies.

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